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Our geotechnical engineers use the very latest equipment and technology to perform a full suite of field tests to identify any potential issues before construction begins. This ensures your project gets completed on time, within budget, and to the highest possible standards. These assessments include soil sampling, in-situ testing, and laboratory testing.

We operate NATA accredited testing laboratories, providing services to the geotechnical and civil engineering sector. Our corporate accreditation with NATA allows us to rapidly establish facilities on remote or significant projects.

As industry leaders in Field Testing & Supervision solutions, our quality control and assurance ensures that every aspect of your project meets or exceeds the required standards.

Our Field Testing & Supervision services include:

Slug Testing:

Measures groundwater permeability and aquifer properties through analysis of water level response to a slug of water injected into a well

Groundwater, Soil, and Gas Sampling:

Collects and analyses samples to assess environmental impact, contamination, and suitability for various uses

Turbidity Testing:

Measures the cloudiness of water to assess water quality, environmental impact, and filtration efficiency

Sub-Slab Vapour Pins:

Measures vapor intrusion risk from contaminated soil or groundwater into buildings through small holes in the foundation

Electrical Resistivity/Conductivity:

Measures subsurface characteristics by sending electric currents and analysing their flow, revealing features like soil type, groundwater presence, and potential hazards

In-Situ Permeability:

Measures the rate of water flow through soil and rock in their natural state, without disturbance from excavation

Footing inspection:

Inspects the soil condition and foundation components before and during footing construction for compliance and safety

Test Pitting:

Examines soil and rock samples for subsurface conditions, contamination, and stability before construction

Hand auguring:

Collects undisturbed soil samples for laboratory analysis and assesses subsurface conditions, drainage, and permeability

Service proving:

Identifies the location and depth of underground services, such as pipelines, cables, and utilities, for excavation safety

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer:

Measures soil resistance to penetration and assesses compaction and bearing capacity for construction

Concrete Coring & Cutting:

Extracts cylindrical samples from existing concrete structures and cuts them to specific sizes for strength testing

Field Density Testing:

Determines the density, moisture content, and compaction quality of soil, rock, and backfill materials during construction

A render of the new Bridgewater Bridge

New Bridgewater Bridge

Chadwick Geotechnics provided our clients with a comprehensive geotechnical investigation that included field and laboratory testing

A render of Coffs Harbour Bypass

Coffs Harbour Bypass

A level crossing removal project render

Level Crossing Removal