McConnell Dowell (Western Program Alliance)



Services Rendered

Geotechnical Investigation, and factual report to include boreholes and test
pits to inform culvert and retaining wall design, including laboratory testing.


  • 24 Boreholes, with varying target depths between 10-40m
  • 11 Cone Penetrometer Tests
  • 4 Pavement Dipping
  • Atterberg Limits, Particle Size Distribution, Hydrometer,
    Consolidation, Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial, Consolidated
    Undrained Triaxial, Particle Density, Point Load Strength Index, Shrink Swell Index, Dispersive Tests, California Bearing Ratio, Compaction, Uniaxial Compressive Strength, Aggressivity (pH, Conductivity, Sulphates, Chlorides), Direct Shear.

Webb Street LXRP – Geotechnical Investigation

As a part of Victoria’s Big Build, Geotechnical Investigations to support the design team for the up-and-coming Level Crossing Removal of the Webb Street, Narre Warren Train line, supporting elevated platform, modern and improved facilities.