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Our highly qualified instrumentation team has a vast array of experience working on a variety of construction jobs throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, including large scale dam & road projects. We stay up to date with all the latest technology, and make sure that we are always using the best and most accurate equipment available.

Our instrumentation team supply, install and monitor all kinds of geotechnical instrumentation equipment, including Vibrating Wire Piezometers, Inclinometers, profilometers, and extensometers. These instruments precisely measure various aspects of a given site and provide insightful data, enabling us to detect potential issues and optimise your project’s design & construction.

We also conduct site investigations to determine the geotechnical properties of the ground below any potential new build.

Our instrumentation solutions include:


Monitoring and analysis of groundwater levels, quality, and flow rates to ensure environmental compliance and support engineering design and construction

Ground movement:

Monitoring and assessment of ground movement, including subsidence and heave, to prevent damage to infrastructure and buildings

Structural movement:

Monitoring of structural movement, including deflection and deformation, to ensure the safety and integrity of buildings and infrastructure

Vibration Monitoring:

Continuous monitoring of vibration levels from nearby construction or industrial activities to ensure compliance with regulations and prevent damage.

Settlement monitoring:

Monitoring and assessment of ground settlement to ensure the integrity of buildings and infrastructure and prevent damage

Slope stability and deep excavation monitoring:

Monitoring of slope stability and deep excavation to prevent landslides and ensure the safety of workers and the public

Data logging and telemetry:

Continuous recording and transmission of data from monitoring instruments to a central location for real-time monitoring and analysis

Data hosting and reporting:

Storage and analysis of monitoring data to provide insights and recommendations for environmental and engineering projects

Data interpretation and consultancy:

Analysis and interpretation of monitoring data by experts to provide insights and recommendations for engineering and environmental projects