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Chadwick Geotechnics field engineering expertise covers a broad range of Geotechnical and Environmental services providing onsite sampling solutions of environmental, supervision of major construction works.

Our team of field engineers have extensive experience in the provision of field engineering services including, but not limited to, the inspection and verification of foundation excavations, visual pile inspections (in accordance with VicRoads Specification 606 and socketed pile inspections and validation in accordance with Specification 608), crane pad and piling rig assessments, isolated and/or ancillary structure founding and bearing capacity inspections.

Supporting investigations, our field engineering team is agile, efficient, and accurate and will provide onsite logging and co-ordination of the geotechnical investigation equipped with all relevant equipment including dynamic cone penetrometers (DCP), shear vanes and pocket penetrometers as well as ready access to our broad range of specialist geotechnical testing equipment including plate load and instrumentation (where we can supply, install and monitor).

Our Field Engineering & Environment services include:

Earthwork Supervision During Construction – Level 1:

On-site monitoring to ensure compliance with design specifications, environmental regulations, and occupational health and safety requirements.

Construction Quality Assurance (CQA):

Comprehensive quality control and assurance measures throughout the construction process to ensure compliance with design and regulatory requirements.

Geosynthetic Verification Consultant (GVC):

Expert evaluation and verification of geosynthetic materials and installations, including design review, testing, and installation supervision.

Field Logging & Sampling:

Collection of soil, water, and rock samples in the field, with on-site testing, logging, and recording of relevant geotechnical information.

Factual Investigations and reporting:

Detailed investigation and analysis of geotechnical and environmental conditions, with comprehensive reporting and recommendations for further action.

Water Monitoring & Sampling:

Comprehensive water monitoring services, including sampling, analysis, and reporting of groundwater, surface water, and stormwater quality

Soil Gas & Landfill Gas Monitoring:

Continuous monitoring and analysis of soil gas and landfill gas for environmental compliance and safety requirements

Groundwater Sampling:

Sampling and analysis of groundwater for environmental and regulatory compliance, with comprehensive reporting and recommendations

Plate Load Bearing:

Determination of soil bearing capacity through plate load tests, providing critical information for foundation design and construction

Footing Inspection:

On-site inspection and testing of foundation footings during construction, ensuring compliance with design and regulatory requirements

Test Pitting:

Excavation and examination of shallow soil deposits, providing valuable information for engineering design and construction planning

Pavement Investigation:

Detailed investigation and analysis of pavement conditions, including material testing, pavement performance evaluation, and recommendations for repairs or upgrades

Pile Testing:

Comprehensive testing of pile foundations for load-bearing capacity, structural integrity, and compliance with design and regulatory requirements

A render of the new Bridgewater Bridge

New Bridgewater Bridge

Chadwick Geotechnics provided our clients with a comprehensive geotechnical investigation that included field and laboratory testing

A render of Coffs Harbour Bypass

Coffs Harbour Bypass

A level crossing removal project render

Level Crossing Removal