Metro, Mainco, Stirling Group, John Holland, Watpac, Egans Plant Hire,
Water Resources Alliance, Summit Formworks, United Group



Services Rendered

  • Quality control field and laboratory testing on track alignment works
  • Bridge abutment construction investigation
  • Geotechnical supervision of the piling construction for gantry installation
  • Material compliance analysis
  • Environmental sampling and factual assessment of spoils material
  • Field evaluation and site investigations
  • Site investigations utilizing unique in-house drilling rigs
  • Footbridge assessment and design parameters
  • Sewer re-alignment investigation
  • Impact testing and assessment
  • Bearing Capacity reports for Crane pad
  • Earthing rod installation and supply
  • Pavement investigation rehabilitation

Relevant Experience & Resources

  • Train track Safety Awareness Compliant – Level 1
  • 24hr availability of field teams when required
  • Holistic integration of our technical and professional teams

Rail Network Upgrade Projects

This suite of projects encompasses a broad spectrum of services tied to rail network upgrade initiatives. It involves rigorous quality control testing both in the field and laboratory for track alignment enhancements, bridge abutment construction examination, and geotechnical supervision of piling construction essential for gantry installation. The projects also involve comprehensive material compliance analysis, ensuring that all resources meet requisite standards. They include environmental sampling and thorough assessment of spoils material, on-site evaluations, and in-depth investigations using our unique in-house drilling rigs. Specific projects handle the assessment and formulation of design parameters for footbridges, investigations into sewer re-alignment, and impact testing and assessment. Other services encompass the creation of bearing capacity reports for crane pads, installation and supply of earthing rods, and detailed pavement investigation and rehabilitation. Collectively, these projects provide a holistic approach to effectively manage and enhance the robustness and efficiency of rail network systems.

  • Reservoir Station upgrade
  • Dynon Road Rail Bridge Upgrade
  • Brooklyn / Sunshine Rail Triangle Development
  • Donnybrook Station Construction
  • Westall Rail Upgrade Project
  • Albion Station Site Investigation/Assessment
  • Platforms 15 & 16, Southern Cross Station
  • Moreland Station upgrade investigation
  • Flemington Station upgrade investigation
  • Warragul Station investigation
  • Lynbrook Station
  • Cardinia Station
  • Newmarket Station
  • Mitcham Station
  • Williams Landing Development
  • Regional Rail Package A – Sunshine to City
  • Regional Rail Package C – Footscray to Deer Park
  • Keilor Planes
  • Caval Ridge Mine, Moranbah, Balloon Loop Rail Development


The project started in 2006 and is still currently ongoing.