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Being sustainable is embedded in everything we do’ is about making good choices about working and living.

The 2024 Tonkin + Taylor Group Sustainability Report highlights the Group’s inaugural annual review focused on integrating sustainability into all aspects of their operations, spanning across New Zealand and Australia. This report is structured around three main sustainability impacts: enhancing community contributions, integrating nature conservation in urban planning, and supporting the workforce involved in the built environment. These goals align with our strategic framework, “Our Pathway 2025,” which underpins our commitment to sustainability.

Significant achievements include our response to extreme weather events in New Zealand, our involvement in sustainability-driven projects like the Samoa Climate Resilient Transport Project, and various community-oriented infrastructure projects. We have also taken strides in operational sustainability, including pursuing certifications and enhancing their environmental impact assessments.

The report extensively details our ongoing efforts to support a diverse and inclusive workforce, alongside targeted outcomes for economic opportunities, especially for indigenous communities. It showcases Tonkin + Taylor Group’s proactive approach to sustainability through governance structures, external partnerships, and internal policies that support our strategic ambitions.

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